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Commercial Zone Chrášťany

Introduction The locality of Chrášťany has a strategic position close to Prague´s City Circuit, highway D5 and the airport.
Layout plan shows one of the possible options for development of the Stage I, with three shopping malls with the following sizes:

  • Shopping mall A - 5,83 ha
  • Shopping mall B - 4,84 ha
  • Shopping mall C - 3,81 ha

This plan respects the protection zones for gas distribution pipeline.

The commercial zone is located on the north along highway D 5 close to centers Scania and planned Utility Logistic Park. The first development stage covers approximately 14.44 ha.
The land is very well visible from the highway D5, the surface is flat and with no environmental issues.

Shopping access
The new acces road has to be built in the direction to the road III/00513. This new road shall provide a direct access into the area.
The subway terminal Zličín (line B) is about 2 km. After completion, the terminal is to be connected to the shopping center by shuttle bus service.

Land development plan and other preliminary procedures
The land development plan has been processed. The land under development is designated for logistic and commercial use including regional shopping centers. The regulatory plan calls for at least 30% of green areas and the remaining 70% is to be divided between buildings, parking and roads. The building height is limited to max. 12 m. The development impact to the environment is minimal, since the zone is separated from the municipality Chrášťany by highway D 5.
For the area a study of E.I.A. is approved, allowing the easier procedure of projects.
The land area includes high-pressure gas pipelines. The utility operator has aproved the development plan allowing maximum use of the land.